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UMTS Training Courses by Chris Cox Communications

Chris Cox Communications delivers technical training courses about the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS), including UMTS long term evolution and the evolved packet system.

Our approach

UMTS is a genuinely complex system. Its full definition requires well over 1000 different specifications, which have few overviews, few cross-references, and little to distinguish between what's important and what is not. The WCDMA air interface has far more features than the one used in GSM, while the recent introduction of OFDMA and MIMO antennas has complicated things even further.

Fortunately you can still understand the system. The secret lies in clear explanation. Our training courses give you that explanation by paying careful attention to two things:

  • Structure: We take a carefully structured, top-down approach, which begins with the system architecture, proceeds through the functions of the individual components, and ends with the operation of the system.

  • Delivery: Our courses are clearly written and delivered, in plain English.

This allows our courses to be more technically detailed than most, and to embrace the technical complexities of UMTS.

By attending one of our courses, you will gain an overall understanding of the system, learn your areas of responsibility, and see how the two interact. Participants will benefit from faster, more accurate design and fewer implementation errors, while employers will benefit from reduced costs and reduced time to market.

See our list of training courses for more information. You can also read feedback from previous participants in the testimonials section, or contact us using the enquiry form.

Recent updates

We have recently introduced a series of courses on UMTS Long Term Evolution. These are suitable for engineers who need to understand the long term evolution of the UMTS air interface, and the design and implementation of the evolved packet system.

Essentials of UMTS

Cambridge University Press has recently published Essentials of UMTS, a title written by Chris Cox for the Cambridge Wireless Essentials series. The book is a technical introduction to UMTS which explains the system in a clear, concise and readily understandable style. Read our description of the book for more information, or go direct to the CUP website.

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