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21 series - Requirements

21.900 - Technical Specification Group working methods 21.801 - Specification drafting rules 21.978 - Not available in this release 21.910 - Not available in this release 21.905 - Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications 21.902 - Evolution of 3GPP system 21.101 - Technical Specifications and Technical Reports for a UTRAN-based 3GPP system 21.904 - Not available in this release 21.133 - Not available in this release 21.111 - USIM and IC card requirements Up to the UMTS specifications


The 21 series contains a small number of requirement specifications, together with some documents that relate to the whole of UMTS.


CAMELCustomised application for mobile network enhanced logic
TSGTechnical specification group
UEUser equipment
UICCUniversal integrated circuit card
UMTSUniversal mobile telecommunication system
USIMUniversal subscriber identity module
VoIPVoice over internet protocol
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