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33 series - Application domain security

33.223 - Not available in this release USIM application toolkit security 33.246 - 3G Security; Security of Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) 33.141 - Presence service; Security 33.222 - Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA); Access to network application functions using Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Transport Layer Security (HTTPS) 33.221 - Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA); Support for subscriber certificates 33.220 - Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA); Generic bootstrapping architecture Up to the 33 series


Application domain security is a set of security features that allows the user's application to communicate securely with the service provider. (These security features might include application layer authentication and ciphering, for example.) Application domain security is mainly an issue for the service provider, but a few issues fall into the scope of 3GPP.

The generic authentication architecture allows the application layer to carry out authentication and key agreement, by building on the processes that have already been carried out for network access. This mechanism is then used as part of the application-layer security features for the MBMS and the presence service.


BM-SCBroadcast & multicast service centre
GAAGeneric authentication architecture
HTTPHypertext transfer protocol
MBMSMultimedia broadcast & multicast service
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