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33 series - Network access security

Cryptographic algorithms (35 series) 33.234 - 3G security; Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) interworking security 33.105 - Cryptographic algorithm requirements 33.103 - Not available in this release 33.102 - 3G security; Security architecture 33.203 - 3G security; Access security for IP-based services Up to the 33 series


Network access security is a set of security features that provides users with secure access to 3G services. These security features include user identity confidentiality, mutual authentication, data confidentiality and data integrity protection.

TS 33.102 describes the features used for secure communication between the UE, UTRAN and core network. Similar features are used for communication with the IMS, while a third specification describes the case of network access using WLAN. TS 33.105 describes the cryptographic functions used for network access security: the actual algorithms are defined in the 35 series.


CNCore network
IMSIP multimedia subsystem
IPInternet protocol
WLANWireless local area network
UEUser equipment
UTRANUMTS terrestrial radio access network
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