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34 series - Cu interface conformance tests

31 series - UICC and USIM 34.131 - Test Specification for C-language binding to (Universal) Subscriber Interface Module ((U)SIM) Application Programming Interface (API) Up to the 34 series


The Cu interface separates the two main parts of the UE: the ME runs the applications and communicates with the fixed network, while the UICC stores all the information related to the subscriber.

Most of the Cu interface tests are in the 31 series, but there is one specification here. The USAT is an interface to applications on the UICC that are supplied by the network operator, and TS 34.131 contains the conformance tests for a C language API to the USAT.


APIApplication programming interface
MEMobile equipment
UICCUniversal integrated circuit card
USATUSIM application toolkit
USIMUniversal subscriber identity module
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