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UMTS Consultancy

As well as training courses, we offer expert advice and development work in UMTS and related areas of mobile telecommunications.

We have a detailed understanding of UMTS and expertise in other 2nd and 3rd generation systems such as GSM, GPRS and CDMA-2000. This is supported by skills in mathematical modelling, digital signal processing and software development. We apply this expertise in projects including intellectual property consultancy, system design & development support and the development of special-purpose software.

We usually work in fixed-price, task-based contracts, so that you know what we will deliver and how much it will cost in advance. At the start of the project, we listen to your requirements and check our understanding of them, so that we can agree on precisely what your needs are. During the work, we respond promptly to your requests and give regular reports on progress, so that you have full visibility of how the work is progressing.

The material we deliver depends on the nature of the project. Reports or presentations are written in a way that is clear, concise and easy to understand, while our software is thoroughly designed and tested, clearly documented and easy to maintain. If there are any outstanding issues in the material delivered, they are dealt with under the terms of the fixed-price contract, with no additional expense to you.

The following are some of the projects we have carried out:

  • Examination of the telecommunication patents held by an electronics multinational, to establish their relevance to the 2G and 3G standards and the chance of infringement.

  • Assessment of the conditional access and encryption techniques that might be used by a proof-of-concept demonstrator for a satellite TV system.

  • Design and development of timing synchronisation software for a UMTS base station.

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