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UMTS Long Term Evolution (3 day course)

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable for engineers who need to understand the long term evolution (LTE) of the UMTS air interface, and the design and implementation of the evolved packet system (EPS).


The course covers the architecture of the evolved packet system, the principles and implementation of the air interface, and the overall operation of the system.

Course breakdown

The course is delivered in 6 modules, of roughly half a day each:

  • Introduction: History of mobile telecommunication systems, the requirements of the evolved packet system, and the ITU process for 4G.

  • Architecture: Hardware architecture, protocol stacks, state diagrams, bearers, channels and services.

  • Principles of the air interface: A step-by-step description of the techniques that are used, including OFDMA, SC-FDMA, MIMO antennas and hybrid ARQ.

  • Introduction to the air interface physical layer: Implementation of these techniques, and the operation of the uplink and downlink shared channels.

  • Higher-layer protocols: Description of the protocols in layer 2 of the air interface (MAC, RLC and PDCP) and layer 3 (RRC and the non-access stratum).

  • System operation: Power-on procedures, security, operation in idle and connected states, and service implementation.

Detailed course breakdown
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Sample of the course notes
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