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This is some of the feedback that Chris has received in the course of his work:

"I still remember your flawless execution of the contract, and wish our other subcontractors had just half of the discipline and enthusiasm you brought to that effort." - Phil Jones, Spectrum Signal Processing
"Very pleased with Chris' ability and willingness to engage with us, in understanding and solving the actual problems of UMTS as experienced by us in our work." - Course delegate
"It really was a good course, probably the best I've been on." - Ben Bartram, course delegate
"Excellent course and maintained interest across the whole time. An impressive achievement!" - Andy Summers, course delegate
"I normally have a rather low opinion of formal courses, but this has been one of the best I've ever been on. The course was at just the right level for me, and importantly the method of presentation of teaching (from the trainer's own understanding, then only referring back to the notes) was very good." - Dave Armitage, course delegate
"I was very pleased to see that my comments were taken into consideration, having done parts of the course before in my previous company. I was asked to recommend any changes or more details in other areas, which I did, and the suggestions were taken on board by Chris. Thanks." - Roshan Alimohamed, course delegate
"It was interesting and educative. Gained so much out of it." - Ali Serunjogi, course delegate
"Excellent balance of high-level and low-level details. Really enjoyed the application of complex subject matter in a real-world context. Thank you." - Asheem Parikh, course delegate
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